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About the Committee

“Women’s entrepreneurship and the new issues of environment, health and quality of life.”



The Prince Souverain Albert II


It is with infinite pleasure that the Principality of Monaco will welcome in 2017 the World Committee of FCEM on the topic of “Female enterprise in the face of new environmental, health and lifestyle challenges.”

I take this opportunity to congratulate the President and members of the Association des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises of Monaco for this initiative and to thank each member for her contribution to the excellence of the meetings which take place in the Principality.

I know that the Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises of Monaco are fortunate to be part of this unique worldwide network, through which they are able to share their experiences, enrich their knowledge and unite their voices.

Once again – if proof were needed – these events demonstrate that women have taken up their rightful place in the world of business.

I trust that this meeting will result in new ideas, future projects and challenges to be met and I hope that everyone will grasp this chance to achieve her ambitions.

I also hope that this meeting will provide the opportunity to discover or rediscover my Country;  a Principality enriched by committed women with fortitude, resolve and  determination to succeed.



Joëlle BACCIALON president of the AFCEM association

Under the high patronage of His Most Serene Highness, The Prince Albert II, it is in Monaco, whose influence extends around the globe, that the Association “FCEM” – Women Business Owners will hold its next World Committee meeting, from March 14-17 2017 at the Méridien Beach Plaza Hôtel.   The theme of the Conference will be :

“Female entrepreneurship in the face of new challenges in the environment, health and quality of life.”

This Worldwide Committee aims to create an arena for reflection on business, with special emphasis on the environment, health and attractivity.   This will enable several hundred participants from differing horizons to meet together and share their business acumen and experience.

The event will provide the opportuity to build friendly links and to establish synergies and business partnerships with women from all over the world – women who are often outstanding in that, in the course of their careers and activities, they have displayed courage, tenacity, intelligence and innovation and thereby demonstrated the strength of female entrepreneurship.

During the four days of the event, we offer a high-level programme with the accent on opportunities in the environmental economy, development of poles of excellence and the importance of services and attractivity.

These themes will be developed in the form of open conferences and round table meetings.

During the Conference, the FCEM Committee will elect its next Worldwide President.   Mrs Laura Frati Gucci, who has been our excellent leader for three two-year mandates, will organise the transfer of her responsibilities, due to take effect in the month of November 2017.   This is a very important time for our Association, which is, without doubt, the longest established and largest assocation of female business owners in the world.

This will be a unique and ideal location in which to reinforce the exchange of best practice amongst the national associations, in a wide-ranging framework of friendship and solidarity amongst women who share a common interest :  the spirit of enterprise.

To facilitate this, Monaco will provide you  with an enchanting setting, exceptional infrastructure and unique ambience of a cosmopolitan city in which the concept of living well together becomes a reality.

Do join us and, through your participation, contribute to the success of this major event, which the “Association des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises de Monaco” has organised for you using all its energy and affection for FCEM.


Laura Frati Gucci president of Mondiale FCEM

2017 is going to be a very important year for the whole world, with a slowdown in economic growth, elections in many of the principal nations and many changes and renegotiations such as BREXIT and the Transatlantic Partnership of Trade and Investment (TPTI).  

FCEM is an international think tank of women business owners and the Association forms a worldwide “hub,” founded 71 years ago with the central aim of creating social and economic connections and opportunities throughout Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

As well as putting power into the hands of women, FCEM also represents the implementation of strategies for the development of worldwide projects, giving women access to education and giving them the chance to develop their capabilities and knowledge.

Delegates will be able to attend three workshops :  “Attractivity, quality of welcome and service,” “Environment and urbanism” and “Medical tourism, beacon of luxury healthcare and sport.”

At all the round table events, we shall share ideas on the need for economic actors and politicians to strive for the development of co-operation with private companies and to work together in synergy to establish new strategies and a new social structure for the benefit of all.

Take part in this event to discover new strategies enabling women to develop, to meet other women leaders and share in their common ideals of independence, knowledge, generosity and integrity.

Join us at this outstanding event, organised under the High Patronage of His most Serene Highness, Prince Albert II of Monaco.